CHCG represents a broad range of clients with tax issues before the federal government. They include trade associations and businesses, start-ups and Fortune 50 giants, in every part of the economy, including health care, telecom, and energy. We bring to bear substantive knowledge and experience stretching back to the 1986 Tax Reform Act and provide clients with time-tested strategies and the relationships needed to develop and present their arguments to the relevant committees in Congress, House Ways and Means and Senate Finance.

We advise clients on subjects ranging from fundamental tax reform, which affects every entity in the U.S., to narrow but crucial changes to the Internal Revenue Code.

For example, we worked with the House tax writers last year to reform the highway fuel tax to equalize the treatment of natural gas (both compressed and liquefied) so that it is taxed on an energy-equivalency basis with diesel and gasoline, a major step towards boosting the use of cleaner transportation fuels. In this case and many others, our team has used its combined decades-long history of working with congressional tax writers to provide our clients with a unique opportunity to achieve their tax policy goals.