Financial Services

CHCG consultants work closely with the committees of jurisdiction, including the House Financial Services Committee and the Senate Banking Committee, as well as with federal agencies such as the Department of Justice, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and Small Business Administration, to advance policies of interest to our clients, which range in size from small businesses to trade associations to large corporations.

Our team has decades of experience in counseling clients on banking and financial services issues.  Most recently CHCG has advised clients through Dodd-Frank, the creation of the CFPB and on regulations and rules that have been promulgated as a result.  As such, we are practiced in helping clients navigate the legislative and regulatory landscape related to the landmark legislation, ranging from drafting legislation to assisting clients through grassroots campaigns to engage shareholders during vitally important public comment periods.

As a result of our efforts with a client, we were able to motivate hundreds of thousands of customers to send original comments on a CFPB rule, leading to an overwhelmed comment portal and ultimately, delaying the rule. On the legislative front, CHCG recently assisted a client successfully blocking legislation related to the CFPB’s auto-lending guidance that would have negative impacts for minority communities.

As Congress and the new Administration prepare to reform Dodd-Frank, our clients are well positioned for success due to our understanding of the complexities of the law and relationships our consultants possess across both parties and on both sides of the capitol.