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Budget Reconciliation Update

As the Senate looks to wrap up its consideration of the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget this week, this is the first step in process by which Congressional Republicans will seek to repeal the Affordable Care Act. As announced by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY), the FY17 Budget contains reconciliation instructions that enable the repeal of large portions of the ACA.  The resolution instructs both the Senate Finance and Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) committees, as well as the House Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce committees to “submit changes in laws within [their] jurisdiction[s],” in order …
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American Petroleum Institute Annual State of American Energy Conference

The American Petroleum Institute held their annual State of American Energy conference today at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington D.C., headlined by a keynote address from API CEO, Jack Gerrard. Proclaiming America to be in the midst of a “21st Century energy renaissance,” Gerrard said that oil and natural gas are serving as its foundation and hydraulic fracking and horizontal drilling as its leading driver.  He described this renaissance as the main factor behind reduced energy costs, which he credited for a return in manufacturing jobs to the United States, increased household savings, and an advantage for American companies …
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What is Budget Reconciliation?

How does it work? Budget reconciliation is a deficit reduction tool, created in the 1974 Budget Act, aimed at implementing guidelines laid out in a congressionally-approved budget.  Both chambers must pass an identical budget resolution with instructions to reconcile spending or other revenue matters to the resolution.  There may be up to three reconciliation instructions directing the committees to develop legislation aimed at achieving mandatory spending, debt limit, or revenue changes. The budget directs the chambers’ respective committees to find policies to meet the reconciliation instructions within their jurisdiction.  The committee process then moves forward in regular order, after which …
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Trump’s Washington: Here’s How It Looks, Thus Far

Treasury Secretary: Steve Mnuchin Though many conservative groups had pushed for House Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling to be the new Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin confirmed Wednesday morning that he had accepted the nomination. The former Goldman Sachs partner said that he will make the reformation of the United States tax code his highest priority, vowing to lower taxes for middle class Americans. Commerce Secretary: Wilbur Ross Also announcing his nomination Wednesday morning, the 79 year old billionaire was praised by Trump as a “champion of American manufacturing…(who) knows that cutting taxes for working families, reducing burdensome government …
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President-Elect Trump Outlines First 100 Days

On Monday, President-elect Donald Trump released a video that outlined some of his policy plans during his first 100 days in office, and what executive actions are planned for his first day.  This means that he wants the next generation of production and innovation to occur in America and creating jobs and wealth for American workers.  With this said, he has had his transition team create a list of executive actions he will enact on his first day.  These include the withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and cancel restrictions on the American energy industry including shale energy and clean coal …
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Senate Leadership Elections

Many are still reeling from a stunning defeat by President-elect Donald Trump, who handily won several key states that had not turned red in recent history. Wisconsin had not been declared a red state since 1984, and Pennsylvania and Michigan had not turned red since 1988. In fact, with only a mere 13,000 votes separating Trump’s victory from Clinton’s, Michigan still has not officially been declared a red state and may remain so until counties certify their results by the Nov. 22nd deadline. Of course, while there may be a slight change in the vote count for Michigan, there will …
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Post Election Wrap Up and 115th Congress Outlook

In a historic election last night, the American people gave a resounding call for action by electing a Republican President and Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress. With a likely electoral vote margin of 306-232, Donald Trump will become the 45th President in January. The most pressing question is the legislative outlook in a Trump presidency. Based on his platform in the election, policy areas most likely to be addressed in his first 100 days include health care, tax reform, infrastructure, energy/climate change, SCOTUS and the Iran nuclear deal. Read our full and in-depth analysis.
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Senate Election Update

With only a day before the pivotal 2016 Elections, Senate races have tightened up to a handful of competitive ones.  With all the focus on the Presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, many have not noticed that the race for control of the Senate is a toss-up at the moment.  Though we believe there are slightly more ways for Democrats to regain control of the chamber, it is certainly plausible that Republicans will maintain the chamber going into the 115th Congress.  Many Republicans have run campaigns that distance themselves from the nastiness of the Presidential race and have …
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CHCG’s Steve Southerland Named to Board of Advisors of The International Harbor Foundation

The Honorable Steve Southerland, Senior Vice President of Capitol Hill Consulting Group and a former Member of Congress (FL-2), has joined the Board of Advisors of the International Harbor Foundation, an organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking and child abuse.  Along with Rear Admiral David Mercer, USN (Ret.) and former Ambassador Ryan Crocker, he will provide the organization’s Board of Directors guidance on all matters affecting the foundation. Southerland said about joining the organization, “It’s an honor to be invited to serve on the Board of Advisors for International Harbor.  Human trafficking and those who perpetrate it destroy innocent lives, …
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Confirmation of a New Librarian of Congress

On July 13th, 2016, the Senate voted to fill the position of Librarian of Congress.  The final vote was 74 – 18, with 8 senators abstaining.  Carla Hayden was nominated by President Obama back in February to serve as 14th Librarian of Congress, after the resignation of James Billington.  Billington was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 to serve as the 13th Librarian of Congress.  Since his retirement on September 30th, 2015, David S. Mao has been the Acting Librarian. The Librarian of Congress oversees the collection of over 160 million artifacts that are physically held in the Library …
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